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Every day, massive ships arrive at our shores, brimming with shipping containers from across the globe. Once these containers deliver their freight across the country, they begin a new journey.

These now empty containers are released to companies like ours based on contracts that were put into place earlier in the container's life. Before being released, they're inspected and graded based on their condition. Each container receives a grade that determines its value and future use.

Once a container arrives at its designated storage depot, it will undergo an additional inspection, ensuring quality and readiness for use. Our storage depot stacks containers up to seven high. This efficient use of space keeps costs low, making shipping containers more affordable and keeping them safe from theft or vandalism.

When you place an order with Large Scale Containers, we spring into action. Once the order is paid for, the storage depot is notified to make one of the units in our inventory available for pickup, sometimes having to rearrange several stacks of containers.

Since the container is assigned after the order is placed and chosen by the depot out of our inventory, it makes it impossible to send photos of the actual container before the purchase. Rest assured, all of our containers will meet the standard that it is sold at and will be backed by our warranty. We also can send pictures of other containers that we have delivered of the same grade.

Our driver gives the container one last look over, and our trucks deliver it straight to your location, hassle-free. Unfortunately, visiting our depot isn't possible due to safety and efficiency. They are bustling hubs, storing containers for numerous clients. Rest assured, your container, inspected with care and delivered with precision, is just a few clicks away.

Join the journey. Visit www.largescalecontainers.com or call us at 385-529-0225 to find your perfect shipping container today.


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